Professional Association of Alexander Teachers


Group Details:

Member Age Range Adults
Meeting Time Tuesdays - daytime and evenings
Meeting Rooms Pine Room
Contact Jill Rigby (0121 360 3212 / 07790 048618)

Group Overview:

Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Generally people are unaware of how they engage their mechanisms in everyday activity. There is a presumption that it needs no thought, that we just "know" how best to do the things that we do.The Alexander Technique exposes this fallacy.The human frame is very flexible. Use more effort than is necessary and you pull the framework out of shape. This results in inefficiency of movement with stresses and strains that make daily life much harder than it need be,

Lessons help you to observe the stressful situation you are creating merely by carrying out your normal daily activities. How an amelioration of the present situation can be achieved is worked through with foundations laid for future improvement. How so-called "mental stress" relates to the problems is also considered with help given as to how the same approach can and will bring about relief.

Last Updated: 22/03/2011