Interior of the Cypress Room Interior of the Cypress Room

Sutton Coldfield United Reformed Church is called to be

  1. a centre of celebration where people of all ages worship God and celebrate the faith that Jesus Christ is Lord of the church and of the world.
  2. a place of belonging where disciples learn the Christian way and where all are welcomed and accepted, with no strings attached.
  3. a base for mission where good news is proclaimed, lived and shared, setting the whole church free to reach out in love to all those beyond its walls.
  4. a community of hope putting flesh and blood on the gospel we profess and challenging the values of society which seems often to have got them all wrong.

As Christians, our first service is the worship of God and the continuation of His work. As a large church, situated in the centre of this town but with a widely-distributed membership, we are in a favoured position not merely to cater for the needs of our own members and adherents but also to bear witness and to serve needs among other members of this community, of any or of no faith.

Mission Statement Sutton Coldfield United Reformed Church - Sharing the love of God through Worship and Friendship - All are welcome.

Interior of the Sanctuary Interior of the Sanctuary

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Last Updated: 19/01/2017