Dear Sisters and Brothers
We live in exciting times, it seems all the norms we have come to accept are suddenly changing. Well of course the change has been taking place for a long time, but now we are beginning to see it in politics, in national structures, in the wider world and we wonder what the future might hold. It is so in the church too and we are asking “What is the Spirit saying to the Churches?” This is the title of a report and study guide from the Faith & Order Committee of the URC.
It affirms:
‘The United Reformed Church is here to live and not to die. This life is rooted in the life of the one triune God, who calls the Church into being, through the life of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.’
The study guide, which is available from the Church Secretary or you can access it on the URC website,looks at the gifts of the United Reformed Church and possible scenarios for the future shape of the church.
Whatever the future holds, we know there will be change. Change is not to be feared but to be embraced with excitement as we affirm our faithfulness and the work of the Spirit with us. Let us affirm again that the Holy Spirit will open our hearts and minds to energise us and guide us in God’s purpose for us in this place. Let us live out our faith boldly, with confidence. Let us pray continually for growth in our church so that we grow in our faith and we grow in numbers too. Let us be part of the change, excitedly watching, looking for what new things God is doing.

Every blessing

Last Updated: 23/09/2015