Our congregation, made up of Church families, Church members and friends, care for and nurture each other in various ways, bearing in mind that our message is:  THE LOVE OF GOD TO ONE AND ALL.

Elders are allocated a list of members/adherents with whom to keep in touch by telephone, visits and by the delivery of the monthly newsletter which offers elders a chance of a one to one conversation. The lists are allocated by location to enable a quick response for help if requested. Elders are expected to meet their members at least once a month, picking up special needs and news and offering prayer and support. The elder will then report any concerns to the Minister and/or Pastoral Co-ordinator.

We also have a separate Minister's Pastoral Team, working closely with the Minister, Secretaries and Elders caring particularly for those who may feel forgotten because they are not able to attend Church regularly. Such care includes:  visiting, assisting with shopping, hospital appointments, offering home Communion, praying, listening and nurturing. The Team comprises 5/6 members, some of whom have had pastoral training. They meet every two months to review needs and care and to ensure no one is forgotten. The content of these meetings is confidential.

Newcomers to our Church are greeted by at least one person, offering conversation and hospitality with other Church members who happen to be present. Our coffee lounge is an excellent place in which to relax for initial greeting and information about the times of our services, including the Tuesday Healing and Wholeness service, Open Church on Thursday and other Church-related activities. We try to do this in a quiet and prayerful way, avoiding an overbearing manner.

We are a caring, friendly Church family who ensure that our members, etc. are able to attend Church and Church related activities.  We give everyone the opportunity to spread faith, hope and love throughout our Church and our community.

Last Updated: 07/11/2015