Juniper / Tamerisk Rooms

A medium sized room on the first floor of the church centre

Juniper-Tamarisk Divider Juniper-Tamarisk Divider

Dimensions 10.6m x 4.0m (35ft x 21.5ft)

Juniper / Tamerisk rooms, located on the first floor, are normally hired as one room with a central folding divider facility that can be used if required. This makes it eminently suitable for functions that require a breakout space. This is our joint largest room, the overall size of which is the same as the Maple room on the ground floor. A number of chairs are stored in the corridor outside the room allowing the space to be configured as required and the flooring is linoleum type tiles.

Interior of Juniper-Tamarisk Interior of Juniper-Tamarisk
Explorers in Juniper-Tamraisk Explorers in Juniper-Tamraisk

Last Updated: 06/03/2011